Absolutely! Regardless of being self-employed, you are still required to fulfil your jury service obligations, even if it means turning down potential work opportunities. The Jury Central Summoning Bureau will send you a letter in advance, providing details about when and where your jury service will take place. 
Rest assured, the court typically sends out these letters well in advance, allowing you ample time to inform your clients and make necessary arrangements for your existing plans or work commitments. It might be beneficial to reach out to your clients and inform them about potential delays or periods of unavailability while you are attending court proceedings, which may last for several hours at a time. 

Is it possible to reschedule my jury duty? 

If you find yourself unable to fulfil your jury duty, you have the option to request a deferment. However, it's important to note that this can only be done once, and the process is quite stringent. You must present compelling evidence and a valid reason for your inability to serve on the jury. For instance, if you have contractual obligations that require you to meet a critical deadline for a client. Additionally, you'll need to propose alternative dates within the next 12 months for your jury service. 

Is it feasible to recover lost earnings if I am self-employed? 

Certainly! If you are self-employed, you can claim a portion of the income you would have earned during the period you were unable to work. However, you must provide evidence to support your claim, such as your previous year's self-assessment tax return or a letter from your accountant detailing the expected loss of income. Remember to bring this evidence with you on your first day at court. 

How can Abaqus help? 

In case you find yourself away from your business for extended periods, be it due to vacations or unexpected obligations like jury service, don’t worry! We are here to lend a helping hand! 
During your time away, we can take care of the administrative tasks and keep your business running smoothly. From managing your schedule and inbox to promptly responding to urgent client requests, we've got it covered. We'll even schedule meetings for your return. In addition, we'll handle your invoicing, payroll and general bookkeeping too, ensuring your business operations continue seamlessly. 
Furthermore, we can provide an accounts letter to present to the court, substantiating your financial losses during that week. Rest assured, we're committed to making the most out of this situation for you! Best of luck with your jury service! 
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