We have all, at some point in our lives, heard the phrase, “patience is a virtue” and we all have our own opinion of what it takes to be successful. 
But, most can probably agree, building a successful business takes time - and a whole lot of hard work to boot. Signs of progress can be slow, frustrating and feel unrewarding at times. But if we can be patient and persistent, the wait and effort is definitely worth it...! 
The Chinese Bamboo Tree is the perfect parable to this. 
In order to grow, the Chinese Bamboo Tree - like any plant - requires nurturing. It must be consistently watered, fertilised and allowed sunshine. 
In the first year, it will show no visible signs of activity or development. In the second year there will still be no sign of growth. By the third and fourth year, you guessed it; ziltch. Our patience is really beginning to wain at this point and we start to wonder if our efforts will ever be rewarded. 
Then, finally, as if by magic, the fifth year comes and wow, there it is - growth… and significant growth, at that. In just six weeks, the Chinese Bamboo Tree grows 80 feet – that’s nearly 30m! 
So, what’s the lesson, here? 
There are never any short cuts to success, but the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree teaches us that patience, hard work, and the determination to go after your goals, certainly improves your chances! 
For years, this tree grows underground, taking root, developing a system and stable base strong enough to support its potential for outward growth when it finally blooms. If the tree does not develop this strong foundation, it will not be able to sustain its life as it grows.  
Similarly, if we dig up this seed each year to check its progress, it will stunt the Chinese Bamboo Tree’s growth. 
Just like the Chinese Bamboo Tree needs a strong foundation, the same is true of your business. 
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